CASS Ambassador Program

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You just received a diagnosis of Angelman syndrome what’s next? Where do I go from here?  What does this mean and what can I expect?

Through the parent volunteer Ambassador Program, we are committed to supporting you through the beginning stages of a new diagnosis of Angelman syndrome. There are many
questions and thoughts going through your mind. It is a very emotional and overwhelming time for you which can result in feeling alone. The Canadian Angelman Syndrome Ambassador
Program is here to help you answer some of these questions and ease some of those concerns. 

What is The Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society?

The Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society brings families together from across Canada to educate each other on the daily challenges of having an individual with Angelman syndrome.  CASS hosts biennial conferences, funds research projects, sponsors communication camps, organizes family gatherings and brings the Angelman syndrome community together. The focus is to create long lasting relationships and friendships which are key when you have a rare
disorder such as Angelman syndrome.

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The Mission of the Ambassador Program

The Mission of the CASS Ambassador program is to provide support to newly diagnosed families and to guide them through the ups and downs of a new diagnosis. The program also focuses on
bringing families together and creating a strong Angelman community.

Who are the Ambassadors?

The Ambassadors of CASS is a parent lead program that allows parents to share personal stories and experiences and to help strengthen community connections.

Our Ambassadors by Region

BC Island and Coast:  Winna Mitchell,


Alberta North:  Kara Hanchar,

Alberta South:  Jill Abraham, 


Ontario:  Christa Graham


Manitoba:  Kimberly Robak-Radke,


The Goal

The goal of the Ambassador Program is to help families feel like they are not alone. We will do this by connecting you to Social Media support groups and provide access to local resources and information including sources of funding, tax information, and medical resources. The Ambassadors also organize gatherings and events in the community to bring AS families together to create a strong AS Community. In doing so, Ambassadors also promote awareness about Angelman syndrome in our communities at large.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to take a leadership role and provide more direct support to families in your area, we are always looking for new leaders to join our ambassador team.  Please let us know by filling out the contact form.

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The parents associated with the CASS Ambassador program are not professionals and cannot give medical advice nor shall they be held responsible for any miscommunicated information. The CASS Ambassadors are strictly parent volunteers and can only advise on
personal experience.