CASS Newsletter – Winter 2012

This issue has some important information on the upcoming CASS International Conference which is coming up faster than we think!  The Conference will feature some of the most important researchers in AS today. This is a wonderful opportunity for newly diagnosed parents as well as us older hands to meet, talk, learn, and make life-long friendships.

For those of us looking for sleep solutions, Elizabeth Kreiser has sent pictures of her Angel’s bed and Erin Sheldon shares the story of an Angel and her iPad, and the impact it has had on her life. I’d like to thank Elizabeth, Claire, Erin and Maggie for generously sharing their experiences. Although our kids are all different, there are many commonalities of experience. Everyone has a story worth hearing.

There is some exciting news from the Angelman Syndrome Foundation regarding Dr. Philpot’s research. It should be noted that Dr. Philpot will be speaking at the Conference as well as other articles that I hope will be interesting.

I hope you find this edition informative and invite you to send your feedback and ideas for stories to me at This is your newsletter; let’s work together to keep it meaningful.


CASS Newsletter – Winter 2012 (PDF)