Fundraising to Support the 2012 Conference


To:  Members and Supporters of the Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society

The 12th International CASS Conference is being held in Kananaskis Country from 25 to 28 July 2012.  Your volunteer Board of Directors would like your support for this exciting event:

 “Reaching for New Heights in K-Country”

Please join your Board of Directors in working to make this Conference a great one!  If you would like to discuss any of the following, please email any of your CASS directors. 

We need your assistance in Fundraising to Support the 2012 Conference.

Conferences like ours inherently have many costs to put on.  You can choose to sponsor a specific item in the CASS Conference Budget or just use the proceeds of your fundraiser to support the conference as a whole.  This is a solid way to show support for your loved one with Angelman syndrome!   Some of the ideas used successfully in the past include: 

  1. Corporate, Family, or Group Sponsorships
  2. Garage Sales
  3. Dances
  4. Gifts to CASS in lieu of Birthday gifts, Weddings, Anniversaries – any occasion!
  5. Fun Runs and swimathons, Karate events
  6. Sales of items, and
  7. Sporting events.
  8. Setting up a Giving Page through the Canada Helps Website.  To set up a personal giving page, go to

Thanks and – please remember that your group and your conference will be more beneficial and rewarding when we get as many people as possible to participate in making it great!


 Michel Longtin

 Elizabeth Kennedy

 Terry Singleton

 Heidi Blackburn

 Trevor Janzen

 Tim Klein

 Sanjay Anand

 John Carscallen