Roll Call for Alberta Families!


To Alberta AS Families, Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society:

The 12th International CASS Conference is being held in Kananaskis Country from 25 to 28 July 2012.  Your Alberta Directors, Terry Singleton, Trevor Janzen, and myself would like your assistance in the following:

We are currently completing our programme of Conference Speakers.  However, we are asking for your input and assistance.  Please join your Board of Directors in working to make this Conference a great one.  If you would like to discuss any of the following, please email me at

  1. We have confirmed a number of top-flight National and International Speakers.  Now we need some Alberta content.  If you are aware of any Alberta professionals who you feel would make a positive contribution to next summer’s CASS Conference, please contact me as soon as possible.    The speakers should have worked with AS individuals in areas such as Sensory Integration or in Music, Play, Art, Aqua, Physio or other Therapies, or in other fields with AS individuals
  2. We also need your assistance in Fundraising.  Conferences like ours cost a lot to put on, but AS families and groups of families can be very creative in coming up with ways to support these worthwhile endeavours.  You can choose to sponsor a specific item in the CASS Conference Budget or just use the proceeds of your fundraiser to support the conference as a whole.  This is a solid way to show supportfor your loved one with Angelman syndrome !   Some of the ideas used successfully in the past include:
    1. Garage Sales
    2. Dances
    3. Gifts to CASS in lieu of Birthday gifts
    4. Fun Runs and swimathons, Karate events
    5. Sales of items, and
    6. Golf events.
  3. We would like to get together with as many Alberta families as possible for 1 or 2 meetings in the next few months.  Please advise me by return email when you might be available and also advise us of a convenient phone number for us to reach you at.  It will be great to meet in person and lay the groundwork for when we meet up at next summer’s conference.

 Thanks and – please remember that your group and your conference will be more beneficial and rewarding when we get as many people as possible to participate in making it great.

 Yours truly, 
John Carscallen
CASS Director, Secretary-Treasurer