CASS Newsletter – Summer 2012

Well, summer is here and the 2012 CASS Conference is just around the corner. The program is complete and registration is still open. The CASS Board of Directors has been working tirelessly for the past two years to develop the vibrant, dynamic conference we hope you will be attending.

Along with having recruited world- renowned speakers like Dr. Philpot, Dr. Summers and Dr. Jill Clayton-Smith, the CASS Board has ensured that the informal atmosphere of the Conference has not been lost. Old friends will reconnect and new friendships will be forged; the AS community will come together to share their experiences and their community spirit in a way that only Angel parents/friends can do. To view the presenter abstracts, download the program here: ces/cass-international-conference/2012- kananaskis-ab/

This edition also features several announcements from the Angelman Syndrome Foundation including breakthroughs in research and an opportunity to participate in AS-related research. 

I hope you find this edition informative and invite you to send your feedback and ideas for stories to me at This is your newsletter; let’s work together to keep it meaningful.


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